6 images project

Image 1 –  Landscape  I’ve put my own twist on a classic landscape picture, I’m not keen on taking a picture of mountains so I’ve used a picture of my take on landscape.The picture shows the numerous varieties of tents, it’s a colourful and vibrant picture which simple describes how a festival experience is in […]

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Photogram – lesson 1

Photo-gram What is a photo-gram? – A photo-gram is a picture produced with photographic materials used on light sensitive paper and WITHOUT a camera. How is a photo-gram made? – A photo-gram is made by placing objects directly onto the light sensitive paper under red light conditions and then exposing it to the light. This […]

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Inspired by Derek Ridgers portrait photography, I used a dark background similar to Derek’s style. Using a aperture of F16 to create an extended depth of field, my main focus is on the portrait of my subject. Using  a snoot cone on the studio light gave me a controlled pool of light, like a spotlight […]

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Owain aka James Bond

My favourite type of pictures are off guard ones, this is one of my favourite pictures I’ve taken. The image was made in a low level light atmosphere,which means I needed to use a fast film speed of 3200 iOS. This meant I could have a reasonably fast shutter speed of 1/60 along with an […]

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Daily Tasks

I’ve taken a picture that represents everyday life, cars passing and people waiting. Although its a simple picture, I feel it has a deeper meaning for example a person struggling to cross or make decisions in life. The cars symbolise confusion and distraction. The lack of expression and identity adds to the representation of everyday […]

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Experimenting with Photoshop

Example 1 – I’ve taken everyday objects in the college and used Photoshop to add depth to the intensity of the pictures. Although I’m not a keen user of Photoshop,however I enjoyed experimenting with the sharpness, size, colour and exposure of the image. I’ve added more intensity in the yellow to make it pop which […]

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Shutter speed examples

Liz Tiny Tears Harris @ 10 Magazines by Derek Ridgers. Ridgers has used a fast shutter speed to produce a clear crisp image of Liz, blurring out the background and focusing on the main subject in the picture. Using a shutter speed of 1/1000s of a second to capture the light coming from the stairs […]

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